4. Introduction

The DA1469x is a family of wireless MCU dual core ARM Cortex® M33™ + Cortex® M0+. Comparing to DA1468x, the DA1469x has:

  • 2x Processing power

  • 2x Battery lifetime

  • 4x More resources

The DA1469x SoCs combine :

  • The newest ARM Cortex M33™ application processor with floating point unit

  • Advanced power management functionality

  • A cryptographic security engine

  • Analog and digital peripherals

  • A dedicated sensor node controller

  • Software configurable protocol engine accompanied by a radio compliant to the Bluetooth® 5.0 low energy standard.

For further reading, more information can be found in the DA1469x Datasheet .

4.1. Guide Purpose

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the DA1469x Development Kit - Pro (ProDK) and describe the setup of the hardware and installation of the software tools to fully use the board.

The following hardware and software elements are required:

The rest of guide is organized as follows:

Section Section 5 describes the hardware components and their initial installation and setup.

Sections Section 6 and Section 7 describe the installation of the SmartSnippets™ DA1469x SDK software, along with all necessary tools.

Sections Section 8 describes how to quickly get started with the DA1469x ProDK and run the preloaded demo.

Section Section 10 contains all steps for downloading and executing your first DA1469x application.

4.2. How long should it take?

This tutorial requires 45-60 minutes to complete. For more information the user may consult the accompanied documentation these are mentioned as for further reading.

4.3. Kit Content

The DA1469x ProDK (DA14695-00HQDEVKT-P) can be ordered via various distributors. It contains the following:

  • DA1469x main board (Figure 2)

  • DA1469x daughter board (DA14695-00HQDB-P) (Figure 4)

  • Mini USB-cable