6. Exploring our Service

If everything went well in the previous section, your server should be up and running at this time. All we now need is a client that will connect and request to change our LED state. For this reason we will use the LightBlue® application, which you can find at the Play Store for Android devices, or at App Store for Apple devices.

  1. Open the app. It will enumerate all advertising devices in the air. Look for the DLG-PRPH entry and tap on it.

Advertising BLE devices

Figure 9 Advertising BLE devices

  1. The app will immediately connect on our device and explore our services. He have configured our device to advertise two of its services, one of which is the service we have examined previously with UUID “184243987C…5A59”. You can also inspect the Bluetooth Device Address which we defined.

Connected on DLG-PRPH

Figure 10 Connected on DLG-PRPH

  1. Select the “184243987C…5A59” service.

GATT Service

Figure 11 GATT Service

  1. You will see a pop-up dialog box in which you can select the LED State Characteristic to explore.

Service Characteristics

Figure 12 Custom Service Characteristics

  1. LightBlue will explore the Characteristic and list its properties. You will see the UUID that we have assigned and the access properties.

The LED Characteristic

Figure 13 The LED Characteristic

  1. Scroll down to the “Written Values” field. You will now be able to write a value to the LED State Characteristic. Insert “1” into the input field and tap on “Write”. You will see the LED on your board to switch on. After that, try writing a “0” to the Characteristic and you will see the LED to switch off.

Writing the Characteristic

Figure 14 Writing the Characteristic

Congratulations on building your first Custom Profile Service Characteristic using SDK 6.0.12. As you can see, the LED State Characteristic is only one of the defined Characteristics that the ble_app_peripheral example implements. You could also have a look at the rest and even try to implement your own functionality around them.