HTPT Indication Problem


Status: Open

First reported:

Fixed in: TBD


With HTPT indication enabled. If BLE is disconnected by the central(smartphone) and re-connected, the indication will never be enabled again. If disconnected, htpt_temp_send_req_handler() stays at BUSY state.


Resetting the state to idle in htpt_cleanup() will solve this issue.

static void htpt_cleanup(struct prf_task_env* env, uint8_t conidx, uint8_t reason)


    /* Clear configuration for this connection */

    struct htpt_env_tag* htpt_env = (struct htpt_env_tag*) env->env;

    htpt_env->ntf_ind_cfg[conidx] = 0;

    ke_state_set(KE_BUILD_ID(env->task, conidx), HTPT_IDLE); // this line is added