DA14531 ROM booter Limitations


Status: Open

First reported:

Fixed in: TBD


There are some limitations in the DA14531 booter preventing to boot from certain flashes. Those limitations are:

  • The DA14531 boost DCDC requires a very light load less than 50μΑ at power up. Thus loads, like the flash, should be isolated through a dedicated GPIO pin in order to avoid overloading the VBAT_HIGH on boot

  • Some Adesto Flash memories with Ultra Deep Power Down feature have high wake up time (up to 260us). The booter waits for 100us after a wake command. This results in corrupted data fetched from the flash.


The secondary loader project, flash programmer and SPI flash driver of the DA14531 have been modified to support additional features and resolve those limitations. For implementation details, please refer to the da14531_secondarybootloader project available on Dialog semiconductor portal.