1. Introduction

1.1. Before You Start

Before you start you need to:

  • Install the latest Smartsnippets Studio

  • Download the latest SDK for the DA1469x platforms

These can be downloaded from the DA1469x product page.

Additionally, for this tutorial a Pro Development kit is required.

The key goals of this tutorial are to:

  • Provide a basic understanding of Adapters concept

  • Explain the different settings of Flash Adapters

  • Give a complete sample project demonstrating the usage of Flash Adapters

1.2. Adapters Concept

The DA1469x family of devices supports several peripherals on different interfaces. To support them, the DA1469x SDK provides Low Level Drivers (LLDs) as well as adapters for each of the available peripherals. Both of these elements add an abstraction layer on top of the hardware functions, allowing a more intuitive approach for using the hardware peripheral. This makes software porting easier.

Low Level Drivers (LLDs)

  • Provide simple HW abstraction (register addresses, access functions, and so on)

  • Are not aware of Operating System (OS)

  • Add zero overhead to the application

  • Avoid race conditions when using HW


  • OS based applications consist of more than one task

  • Two or more tasks might need the same resources

  • Adapters make sure access to the resources is managed


Adapters are not implemented as separate tasks and should be considered as an additional layer between the application and the LLDs. It is recommended to use adapters for accessing a hardware block.