DA14683 USB Kit


This Smartbond DA14683 USB Kit is a development kit intended to drive software development on the DA14683 and DA14682 family. Please refer to Dialog support portal for the DA14683 detailed features list. The development kit main features are:

  • Embedded Segger J-Link™ debugger
  • Onboard Flash
  • 4x user switches (2x not mounted on the back side)
  • 2x user LEDs, one of them RGB
  • mikroBUS™ socket to allow to utilize a range of click boards™. Sensors, LED displays and more. Click here to read about the many available third party click boards.

The Smartbond DA14683 USB Kit is delivered preloaded with a demonstration application enabling a USB Communication Device Class (CDC) and Mass Storage Device (MSD) application.


In order to start developing on the DA14683 USB Kit you should get the resources linked below. Please note that to access Dialog Support Portal you need to be registered.

For more information about the development environment and starting to develop your application, you can check:

USB CDC and MSD Application

For more information about the implementation please refer to usb_cdc_smsd project in the Smartbond SDK.

Operation of SmartMSD

  • Connect the DA14683 USB Kit on the host
  • Browse the Host system for Mass Storage Device
  • No special driver is required.
  • Confirm a portable storage disk is attached to Host.
  • 2 files are shown on the portable storage in the Host. The files are this Readme and the CDC device driver for Windows.
miniterm image

Mass Storage Device

Operation of USB CDC

  • The CDC operate as an echo device. Open a terminal of your choice. Any characters entered will be echoed
miniterm image

USB CDC echo