5. Introduction

The DA14531-00 and DA14531-01 (core Arm® Cortex® M0+) are a family of Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices that operate at very low power levels while providing world-class RF performance.

The DA14531-01 is optimized for peripheral only applications, provides around 25 % additional user RAM for a typical Bluetooth LE application compared to DA14531-00 and is pin-to-pin compatible.

Table 1 presents the differentiation among the variants of the DA14531-0x.

Table 1 DA14531-0x Product Variants Differentiation




LE Central support



LE Observer support



support the LL Privacy feature (privacy on the controller side)



Compatible with SDK 6.0.16 or lower



Rest of features



These devices are available in a small footprint while still offering large flexibility in configuration of the on-chip interfaces, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. For further reading see the DA14531 Datasheet.

The development kit includes a set of hardware (development board with an on-board debugger) and is supported by a Software Development Kit SDK (that is, a development toolchain, source code examples, and so on), and documentation.


The DA14531-01 is supported by the SDK 6.018.

5.1. Guide Purpose

The purpose of this guide is to provide an overview of the DA14531 Pro Development Kit Board and describe the setup of the hardware and installation of the software tools to fully use the board.

The guide is organized as follows:

  • Section Section 6 describes the hardware components and their initial installation and setup.

  • Sections Section 7 and Section 8 describe the installation of the SmartSnippets™ DA14531 SDK software, and all necessary tools.

  • Section Section 9 contains all steps to download and execute your first DA14531 Application.

5.2. How Long to Complete the Tutorial?

This tutorial requires 30-40 minutes to complete. For more information the user can consult the accompanied documentation. This guide has the convention to refer to related documentation with the text for further reading.

5.3. Unboxing the package content

The DA14531 Pro Development Kit parts can be ordered via various distributors. The DA14531 Pro Development Kit contains the following items:

  • Bluetooth low energy Mother Board

  • Mini USB cable

  • The DA14531-0x daughterboard for the DA14531 Pro Development Kit